Line Metrics

Use the metrics on the Lines page to evaluate the performance of the lines in your campaign.

The line metrics and data displayed are always filtered by date. By default, the data displayed in the line dashboard is for the current day.

Line Property Description
ID Displays the identification that uniquely identfies the line.
Name Displays the name specified for the line when it was set up.
Delivery Displays the current delivery status of the line. Delivery values include: Daily Budget Reached, Total Budget Reached, Running, Paused.
Lifetime Pacing

Displays line pacing performance for the entire duration of the line. Unlike the other the metrics displayed in the dashboard, lifetime pacing is not filtered by date and always represents line pacing performance for the lifetime of the line: Pacing.

Note: Regardless of the line’s daily budget type, the Daily Budget used to calculate lifetime pacing is always based on the formula: Daily Budget = Total Budget / Number of Days.

Filtered Pacing

Displays line pacing performance within the specified date range. Filtered pacing measures pacing performance during a specified time period: Filtered Pacing = (Spend in Filtered Days ) / (Daily Budget * Filtered Number of Days ). To learn more, see `Filter Lines by Date`_.

Note: If the Specified Amount daily budget type is used, the Daily Budget represents the user-defined daily budget. Otherwise, it is based on the formula: Daily Budget = Total Budget / Number of Days.

Currency Currency specifies the currency specified for the line. For example, USD.
Total Budget Displays the lines to total budget. To learn more about line budgets, Budgets.
Spend Displays the line’s total ad spend; that is, the amount of the line budget delivered.
Ads Displays the number of ads used in the line.
Cost Displays the line’s cost.
Profit Displays the line’s profit.
Impressions Displays the number of impressions delivered by the line during during the reporting period.
Clicks Displays the number of clicks delivered by the line during the reporting period.
Conversions Displays the number of conversions delivered by the line during the reporting period.
CTR Displays the click-through rate calculated for the line: CTR = Clicks / Impressions.
CPM Displays the cost per thousand impressions calculated for the line: CPM = Ad Spend / (Impressions / 1000).
CPC Displays the cost per click calculated for the line: CPC = Ad Spend/ Click.
CPA Displays the cost per action calculated for the line: CPA = Ad Spend / Conversions.
Goals For lines using CPA-based goals, the line’s target CPA is displayed. For all other goal types, no value displayed.