CPV-Billing Goals

A CPV-billing goal is a goal specified for a video line using CPV billing.

CPV lines are billed at a fixed rate based on the specified cost-per-view rate.

A cost per view (CPV) goal defines a video line that is optimized towards ad placements deemed likely to deliver video views.

CPV-billed CPV lines are billed at a fixed rate based on the specified CPV rate (Bill Price) and video duration (the amount of time an end-user must watch a video for it to be considered a view–either 15 seconds or 30 seconds).

Property Description
Max CPM Price Specifies the maximum price the advertiser is willing to pay per one thousand ad impressions.
Target CPV Specifies the cost-per-view objective, the amount the advertiser wants to pay per video view.
Conversions Specifies the action (video views) that is the objective of the line. The line must be defined by a least one conversion rule. To learn more about conversions, see Conversions

The DSP supports CPV-billed CPV goals for video lines.

To configure a CPV-billed CPV goal:

  1. Choose the CPV option in the Billing Method drop-down list.
  2. Select a duration from the Duration drop-down list (15 seconds or 30 seconds).
  3. Choose the CPV option in the Goal Type drop-down list.