CPCV-Billing Goals

With CPCV billing, you only pay for an impression when a user watches your video to completion. For example, if a user watches your two-minute video for the full two minutes, that impression is counted as a completed view.

If a different user watches the video for 45 seconds, that impression is not considered a completed view and you are not charged.


If you choose the CPCV billing method, you do not have the option to set the pacing and you can only choose a CPCV goal (or no goal).

A CPCV goal is defined a maximum CPM price (maximum cost per one thousand impressions) and a target CPCV price.


The DSP supports CPCV goals for video lines.

To configure a CPCV goal:

  1. Choose the CPCV option in the Billing Method drop-down list.
  2. Choose the CPCV option in the Goal Type drop-down list.
  3. Specify the maximum price you are willing to pay per one thousand impressions in the Max CPM Price field.
  4. Specify the target CPCV amount in the Target CPCV field.