An ad is a creative that is linked to a line item and ready to serve on a web page.

The Ads view contains controls that enable you to manage ad creatives.


Using controls in the Ads view, you can create new ads, link ads to the line, preview ads, clone ads, edit ads, manage creatives, and bulk edit ads.

Create Ads

You create a new ad by uploading an image or video, and configuring settings appropriate to the ad type. When you create an image or video ad, you can link the ad to more than one line.

To create a new ad:

  1. On the Ads page, click the New Ad button.


    You see the New Ad page. For example:



    The New Ad page may look different from the example. The ad type (Image or Video) varies depending on the line for which you are creating the ad.

  2. Set up the ad. You set up an ad the same way you would set up a creative at the advertiser level. Do one of the following:

Ad Flight Schedules

Ad flight schedules are useful if you want to efficiently execute creative swaps. A creative swap is a precisely-timed replacement of one creative for another within the same line. Use creative swaps when you anticipate the need for a new creative at a precise hour of the day one flight ends and another begins.

Setting up a flight schedule involves setting one or more start and end dates by the hour for each ad assigned to a line.


  • Flight schedules do not work with the creative rotations.
  • When you clone a line, the flight schedule is not cloned.

To set up an ad flight schedule:

  1. On the Ads page, click the flight schedule icon.


    You see the Ad Flight Schedule overlay.

  2. Set the flight schedule as follows:

  • Click in the Start Date and End Date fields, and select your start and end dates using the date picker.
  • Select the start and end times from the Hour, Minute and meridian (AM/PM) drop-down lists.
  1. Click Add to set another flight schedule.
  2. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you are finished setting flight schedules.
  3. Click Save to save your flight schedules.

Preview Ads

You can preview creatives associated with an advertiser or line, or generate a live preview link you can share with advertisers who don’t have DSP platform access.

For detailed instructions, check out Preview Creatives.

Clone Ads

Rather than uploading a new creative from scratch, you can clone an existing image or video creative, and then update the creative as needed. You can clone image and video creatives at the advertiser level or the line level.

For information on cloning a creative, check out Clone Creatives.

Edit Ads

You can edit display, native, and video creatives one at a time. For display or video creatives, you can also several creatives at once, or bulk edit the creatives. Edit multiple creatives if you have a bunch of different edits to several creatives. Edit creatives in bulk when you plan to make the same change to all the creatives (such as universally changing flight dates).


You can only edit native ads one at a time.

Validate Creatives

DSP has an automated process that checks creatives and flags issues. For information on this process, check out Validate Creatives.

Rotate Creatives

You can use creative rotation to group similar ads within a line and allocate percentage weights to manually set impression delivery.

Check out Rotate Creatives.

About Creative Vendor Certification

For information on certifying a new third-party vendor or creative format, check out Creative Vendor Certification.