Deal Discovery

Find it at: Inventory > Deal Discovery

Available for roles: Ad Operations, Advertiser Manager, Pubisher Operations

About Deal Discovery

Deal Discovery gives advertisers an interface to identify curated public deals offered by multiple exchanges through the DSP. Advertisers can sort, group, and filter results of their deal search to identify just the inventory they’re looking for. Once identified, those deals can be activated to make them available in line targeting.

A “deal” references a block of inventory sharing some set of shared characteristics, defined by the publisher, that is offered for bidding to advertisers. A deal offers a shorthand method for identifying inventory with certain known characteristics that the advertiser wants to bid on.

When searching for deals, advertisers can:

  • Use grouping and filtering options in the list view to identify deals of interest.
  • Sort returned results
  • Search for known deals by deal ID or name in the Search field.

To see additional information on a specific deal, advertisers can select the card detail view for any deal in the list view.


To view available deals through Deal Discovery, you must have the Ad Ops role.

Reviewing Available Deals

Once you’ve navigated to the Deal Discovery tab, you should see a list of all deals available on the platform. Initially, deals are sorted based on the volume of bid requests:

deal discovery list view

Dimensions and Metrics

DSP displays the following dimensions and metrics for each deal:


Dimension Definition
Exchange Deal ID A deal identifier provided by the exchange.
Exchange Deal Name Name of the deal as defined by the exchange (optional).
Details Opens a card view of the deal with additional information.
Exchange Name Exchange offering the deal.
Floor CPM The local floor price defined by the DSP user.
Observed Floor CPM The actual floor price defined by the exchange.


“Bid Requests”,”Number of ad opportunities received.” “Fill Rate %”,”Impressions / Bid Requests x 100%” “Uniques”,”Number of unique users.” “Fixed Bid Range”,”Bid price (CPM) range from lowest to highest (only available when using the Group By option).”


Values presented are approximations of total traffic for the previous 7 days.

Grouping Deals

If you want to see deal-related statistics for a given exchange, or if you want to view only deals associated with certain exchanges, you can use the Group By feature.

View Deals for All Exchanges

Choose Group By > Exchanges to see a summary of the deals available for each exchange (including the Fixed Bid Range):

deal discovery grouped by exchange

DSP shows the following information for each exchange:

  • Deals
  • Fill Rate
  • Bid Requests
  • Uniques
  • Fixed Bid Range

To explore specific deals within an exchange, click on the arrow to the left of the exchange’s name. The view expands, showing the five deals with the most bid requests under that exchange:

deal discovery grouped by exchange top 5

To see additional deals, click on [Show More] below the listed deals.

View Oath O&O Deals Only

Choose Group By > Oath O&O to see a summary of the deals only on Oath’s owned and operated inventory:

deal discovery grouped by Oath O&O

DSP shows the same information as it does when viewing for all exchanges (see above), but only for Oath owned and operated inventory.

Filtering the List View of Deals

In any of the views described above, you can use the Filters option to see just the deals you’re interested in.

  1. Click on the [+] next to [Filters].
  2. Click on [Select Filters] and choose the criteria you want to filter by (only one value can be specified for each filter):
    • Bid Requests
    • Observed Floor CPM
    • Fill Rate
    • Uniques
    • Media Type
    • Device Type
    • Ad Size
    • Domain
    • Apps
    • Language
  3. Choose the operator for the filter (is, is not, equals, greater than, etc.). (Available operators vary for each filter.)
  4. Choose the [+] if to add additional filters (if needed).

The list of deals matching the filters updates as you make each selection.


To remove a filter, click the [X] next to that filter. Results are updated accordingly.

Deal Details (Card View)

For any given deal, you can view more information by clicking on the Details icon:

deal discovery card view

The expanded card view shows additional information for the deal, including:

  • Top Domain Types
  • Top Device Types
  • Top Media Types
  • Top Ad Sizes
  • Top Languages
  • Top Apps

Registering a Deal

Registering a deal makes it targetable for advertisers on your seat:

  1. Click on the [+] under the Actions column for the deal you want to register.


    If a deal is already registered, a green checkmark icon will be shown in lieu of the [+] sign.

    You can also register a deal from any Deal Details card by clicking on [Select & Assign Deal].

  2. Fill out the mandatory fields (marked with a red asterisk) including Deal Name, Description, and Floor CPM. You can also include or exclude advertisers in your seat:

deal discovery assign
  1. Click on [Assign Deal].


    To register a Deal for the entire seat, simply leave the Include/Exclude Advertisers field blank during deal registration.

Targeting a Registered Deal

  1. Navigate to the targeting tab of a line that belongs to the respective Advertiser that the deal was assigned to.
  2. Select Exchanges and Deals.
  3. Locate and select the registered deal.
  4. Click [Save].

For more information on setting up targeting, see <no title>.