Set Up Programmatic Audio Creatives

Digital audio is the number one app activity on mobile, and you can tap into that growing audience with programmatic audio ads. Reach highly engaged podcast and streaming audio listeners with the DSP advanced targeting capabilities in a brand-safe environment.

Download a one sheet Programmatic Audio Ads.

Use the information on this page to upload a new programmatic audio creative or ad.

  • Upload creatives at the advertiser level.
  • Upload ads at the line level.

These instructions assume you are on the Creatives page or the Ads page.

Configure the Basics

This section explains how to configure a creative’s basic information including the ad format, ad type, name, and status.


To configure the basics:

  1. Select the Audio button at the top of the page.

    If you are setting up an ad for an audio line, Audio is selected for you.

  2. Ad Format is automatically set to Audio.

  3. In the Creative Name field, type a name for the creative. Hosting option is automatically set to Hosted.

  4. Set the status of the creative by moving the Status slider to the Active or Inactive position. A creative must be active in order for it to serve.

  5. If you want to add your own internal creative ID (to group the creative with other similar ones), click the plus sign to expand the Add Custom ID field. Type the ID in the field.


Advertisers can add up to three creative custom IDs to group their creatives; each ID can be up to 30 characters long. You can produce Report Builder reports using the Creative Custom ID dimension.

Additional Tracking URLs

You can set up multiple impression tracking URLs and/or a single click tracking URL for the creative to track impressions or clicks in the ad server of your choice (such as Doubleclick or Sizmek) and using Yahoo’s reporting.



DSP uses the click tracking URL during live ad serving to redirect the user to the final landing page destination. If the landing page URL and the final destination of the click tracking URL are different, then the SSP and Yahoo will flag the creative during the creative audit process.

To set up tracking URLs:

  1. Type the tracking URL in the Tracking URL field.

  2. Specify the basis for the tracking URL from the Type menu:

    • Impression - the audio ad was served.
    • Click - the audio player/companion banner was clicked.
    • 25% - the listener heard 25% of the audio ad.
    • 50% - the listener heard 50% of the audio ad.
    • 75% - the listener heard 75% of the audio ad.
    • 100% - the listener heard 100% of the audio ad.


    It is the publishers responsibility to associate the click tracker with the companion banner. Oath sends both the companion banner and the click tracking URL as part of the VAST response.

  3. You can add additional impression tracking URLs. To add another impression tracking URL, click the Add Tracking URL link.


You should only designate one click tracking URL. Additional click tracking URLs will not be used.

  1. Repeat steps 1-3 for to add additional tracking URLs.

Upload Creatives

You upload a sound file (an optional companion banner image) from your local drive or a connected server.

To upload an audio creative:

  1. Drag the audio file onto the drop zone or click Choose a file to upload, browse to the sound file, and click Open. Files may be in .ogg, .mp4, or .mp3 formats.

  2. Optionally, drag a companion banner image (or group of banners) or click Choose file to upload a companion banner (or group of banners). Files may be .jpg, .jpeg, .png or .gif, or a .zip file containing any combination of files in those formats. The files in a .zip file are expanded on upload.

  3. Save your creative. Do one of the following:

  • If this is the only creative you want to save, click Save Creative. You see the Edit Creative (or Edit Ad) page, where you can make any needed adjustments to your saved creative.

  • If you want to set up multiple creatives, click Save and New. You see the New Creative (or New Ad) page, where you can set up a new creative or ad.

    After you upload the creative, the appropriate transcoding automatically takes place in the background:


Preview Creatives

Once you’ve uploaded your creative or ad and the appropriate transcoding has completed, you can do a preview:

  1. Look for the Verified Preview indicator below and to the right of the creative.


Creative preview only works for secure (https) creatives, and cannot replicate all creative issues.

See the following sections for information on previewing a creative:

Preview Across Devices

From the Edit Creative or Edit Ad page, you can launch a shareable preview to make sure you are satisfied with it on all the devices you are targeting, and in all formats (Auto, HTML5 or Flash).

To preview a creative across devices:

  1. From the Edit Creative or Edit Ad page, in the Shareable Preview area, click Preview.

    The Preview page opens in another browser window.

  2. From the Preview page, click the Desktop, Mobile, or Tablet buttons to check the creative in different formats.

  3. For mobile devices and tablets, move the slider left and right to view the creative in portrait and landscape.

  4. Choose Auto, HTML5 or Flash to test different delivery options.

  5. Close the Preview window and return to the Edit Creative or Edit Ad page.