Rotate Creatives

You can use creative rotation to group similar ads within a line and allocate percentage weights to manually set impression delivery.


When you set impression delivery using creative rotation, you override the normal creative optimization DSP uses to automatically serve a line’s better-performing ads more frequently.

Rotate by Creative Type

Enable creative rotation to group creatives with similar attributes. You can rotate creatives with the following similar attributes:

Video Ads

  • By duration
  • 0-30 seconds
  • 30-60 seconds
  • 60-120 seconds
  • By creative format
  • Third-party creatives with VPAID-only files
  • All other video creatives

Display Ads

DSP groups display ads by ad size. For example, 300 x 250, 160 x 60.


If a single ad is in a group by itself, it can bid on all requests that it qualifies for.

Enable Creative Rotation

You enable creative rotation on the Ads page.

  1. On the Ads page, click Manage Creatives.

You see a page with all of the creatives that are attached to the line

  1. On the right side of the page, Linked Ads section, select the Custom Rotations Weight checkbox.

For each group of similar ads, you see weight text boxes, and the creatives are weighted equally.

  1. Adjust the creative rotation weights using the weight text boxes. You can weight creatives from 0-100% according to how often you want some creatives to serve impressions over others.


You can use creative weights to set up creative flights. If you set up a creative in advance of its start date and assign it a 0% rotation weight, the creative does not serve. Then, when you update the creative’s weight to a value greater than 0%, the creative begins serving.

  1. When you are happy with the creative rotation weights, click Save Ads.

You see the list view, with a new Rotation Weight column.


The following creative issues may slightly impact how creative rotation weights are distributed:

  • Security status (HTTP or HTTPS)—If a group contains both HTTP and HTTPS creatives, you may see a slight eligibility difference for some bid requests.
  • Ad format (hosted or third party)—If a group contains both hosted and 3rd party creatives, some creatives may not meet certain bid request requirements.
  • Banned ads—If a group contains an ad that has been banned, impression delivery is affected across the group.

If an ad is banned during a creative audit, the remaining ads in the group serve according to the ratio of their weights. For example, if you set creative rotation weights for Ad 1, Ad 2, and Ad 3, the rotation weights create the ratio that determines the impression frequency:

  % Weight Ratio
Ad 1 40% 2
Ad 2 40% 2
Ad 3 20% 1

If Ad 2 is banned, Ad 1 and Ad 3 deliver at a 2:1 ratio.

  % Weight Ratio
Ad 1 67.666% 2
Ad 3 33.333% 1