Preview Native Display Creatives

You can preview native display creatives from the list view on the Creatives page or on the Ads page. If you need help navigating to the Creatives page or the Ads page, check out Creatives or Ads.

Open the Creative Preview Overlay

To generate a shareable preview link or preview a creative on a live web page, start by opening the Creative Preview overlay.

To open the creative preview overlay:

  1. From the Creatives page or Ads page, hover over the creative you want to preview.

You see the Preview button next to the creative name.

  1. Click the Preview button.

You see the Creative Preview overlay.


Preview Across Devices

From the Creative Preview overlay, you can take a look at the shareable preview to make sure you are satisfied with it on all the devices you are targeting.


To preview a creative across devices:

  1. From the Creative Preview overlay, select Phone, Tablet, and Desktop from the drop-down list to check the creative on different devices.
  2. For phones and tablets, select portrait and landscape from the drop-down list.
  3. Close the Creative Preview overlay and return to the Creatives or Ads list view.

Tear Sheet Live Preview

Use the DSP Tear Sheets Live Preview feature to view native display ads on a live Oath publisher page. Tear Sheets Live Preview is a useful tool for taking screenshots to capture “proof of serving” for clients, and see what your ad will look like on actual Oath properties.


To create a tear sheet live preview, you must have DSP access.


To Create a Tear Sheet Live Preview:

  1. From the Creative Preview overlay, select Phone, Tablet, or Desktop from the drop-down list.
  2. For phones or tablets, select portrait or landscape from the drop-down list.
  3. Move the Live Preview slider to the right to see the creative on a live publisher page.