Native Portrait Video Creatives

A native portrait video creative is a premium fullscreen mobile video offering. You set up native portrait video creatives using your ad copy, image files, and and a portrait video.


These instructions assume you are on the New Creative or New Ad page. If you need help getting to the New Creative or New Ad page, check out Creatives or Ads.

Select Your Native Ad Type

To set up a native portrait video creative, at the top of the New Creative page, select Native, and then select Portrait video.


Name and Activate

This section explains how to name and activate your native portrait video creative.


To name and activate your creative:

  1. In the Creative Name field, type a name for the creative.
  2. Set the status of the creative by moving the Status slider to the Active or Inactive position. A creative must be active in order for it to serve.

Configure the Ad Building Blocks

Set up your ad by entering the information in each of the ad setup fields. The information you enter will show in the native ad.


To configure the ad building blocks:

  1. For Advertiser Name, type the company name the way you want it to appear in the ad. Maximum 35 characters.
  2. For Ad Title, enter the title of the advertisement that the user sees. It should be a short, catchy phrase designed to attract attention. Maximum 50 characters.
  3. Set the language for the creative by selecting an option from the Language drop-down list.


The creative’s language must match the language you set for the line.

  1. Select a call to action phrase from the Call To Action drop-down list.

Upload Creatives

You can upload your native portrait creative image and video, preview them, and check them. Creative preview shows you what the ad looks like in a demo environment on the Yahoo home page.

Upload the following creative sizes:

  • A creative that’s at least 720 X 1280 pixels for the main creative image in the ad.
  • A video.

To upload your native portrait video creatives:

Upload the image and video you want to use for the creative. Click Choose File or drop the image or video into the drop zone for each creative size. The image can be .jpg, .gif, or .png files with no animation, and it can be up to 2 MB.

Destination URL

The destination URL is the URL that redirects users to the final landing page. This URL can be a click tracker or regular landing page URL.


Some SSPs require a declared advertiser domain when they register an ad or respond to an ad request. If the advertiser domain differs from the ad content or landing page, the SSP may assume the ad is fraudulent and block the ad from serving.


To set the destination URL:

  1. Type the destination URL in the Destination URL field.
  2. Click anywhere on the page, outside the Destination URL field.

DSP validates the URL and displays a success message or error message. If the URL is validated, DSP fills in the landing page URL automatically.

Impression Tracking URLs

You can include up to three third-party impression tracking URLs. One of the three impression tracking URLs can be a Javascript impression-tracking pixel. For example, the creative can include either of the following:

  • Two image tags and one Javascript tag
  • Three image tags

To set up impression tracking URLs:

  1. Type or paste the tracking URL in the Tracking URL field.
  2. Select Impression-URL from the Type drop-down list.


An impression URL is a standard impression tracker (pixel tag). Impression URLs need to be in native creative format and cannot be wrapped in html tags.

Preview Creatives

See the following sections for information on previewing a creative:

Mobile Moments Preview

A Mobile Moments preview shows you what your ad looks like as a full-screen, portrait ad.


To view a Mobile Moments preview:

  1. In the Preview area, select the Mobile Moments tab.
  2. Scroll up or down to simulate moving between your ad and the natural content.
  3. Click Tap to learn more to test that the ad navigates users correctly to the destination URL.

Peek Ad Preview

A Peek Ad preview shows you what your ad looks like within the natural, surrounding content.


To view a Peek Ad preview:

  1. In the Preview area, select the Peek Ad tab.
  2. Scroll up or down to simulate viewing your ad within the natural content.
  3. Click Sponsored to view your full screen ad.

Save Creative

To save your creative, you have the following options:

  • If you are finished setting up creatives, click Update Creative or Save Creative. You see the Edit Creative (or Edit Ad) page, where you can continue making adjustments if needed.
  • If you want to set up more creatives, click Save and New. You see the New Creative (or New Ad) page, where you can set up a new creative or ad.