Packages Overview

Using packages, you can group multiple lines based on common attributes, including budget, flight dates, goals, and targeting. This grouping serves as an additional level of hierarchy between the campaign and line level, enabling you to manage multiple lines at once.

When you create packages under a campaign, you can test your strategy by comparing the performance of your packages. You can then deactivate underperforming packages and keep high performing packages active.


Lines will not serve if a package is deactivated.

How Packages Work

Packages are optional. You can optionally create packages to group lines together to more efficiently manage and monitor the lines.

Lines that are grouped under a package work a bit differently that lines that are not part of a package. Some of the differences include:

  • Package Permanence: Once you create a new campaign and enable it to include packages, all new lines you create fall under a package. You can set up new packages under the same campaign, but you cannot create lines outside of your packages unless you create a new campaign.
  • Package Budgets: You specify a total budget and daily budget (auto-allocated or specified amount) for each package. Using the Packages feature, you group lines under a campaign and assign a budget for the group. The budget for the lines under a package is capped, collectively, at the package budget.
  • Start and End Dates: You specify a start date and end date for each package. Line start and end dates are not limited by the package’s start and end dates.
  • Targeting: You can set default targeting criteria at the package level, and the package criteria is passed on to the lines under the package using targeting templates. The default targeting template is the template associated with the advertiser. You can modify the default template, thereby setting a default targeting strategy for all lines under the package.

Example Use Cases

There are many ways that you can use packages to group lines together for strategic planning and granular measurement. You can use any of the following example package groupings, or create any other custom grouping that helps you manage your lines.

Goals Packages: Which goal yields the best results?

  • CPC Package
  • CPC Package
  • VCPM Package

Targeting Packages: Which targeting strategy outperforms the others?

  • Location targeting package
  • Cross-device targeting package
  • Purchase receipt audience targeting package

Schedule Packages: During which summer month are the most impressions served?

  • June package
  • July package
  • August package

Budget Packages: Which budget produces the highest return on ad spend?

  • $1.00 CPC
  • $2.00 CPC
  • $3.00 CPC