Create a New Campaign

A campaign is an advertising goal that defines a strategy for delivering ads within a set time period. Campaigns are defined by flight dates, total budgets, daily budget caps, and KPI metrics (to measure campaign effectiveness).

Every campaign belongs to a specific advertiser and inherits default settings (time zone, currency, budget) from the advertiser. Campaign-level flight dates (start and end dates) override line item-level settings (you can’t set up a line with a start date or end date that falls outside the campaign-level dates). Campaign-level frequency caps and budget settings form a cap for the lines under the campaign.

To create your first campaign:

  1. Click the Advertisers tab on the left side of any page.
  2. On the Advertisers page, select the advertiser for which you want to create the campaign.

You see the Campaigns page for that advertiser.

  1. Click the New Campaign button.
  1. Configure the campaign settings. You can configure the campaign settings manually for a single-schedule (one-time) campaign or multi-schedule (ongoing) campaign; or bulk upload campaigns using Excel.

For details, check out the following help pages: