A creative is an image or video file that serves as a building block for ad assembly. When linked to a line item, a creative is considered an “ad” ready to be served on a web page. The same creative can be associated with multiple line items.

For information on supported creative formats, see Supported Creative Formats. For more detailed specifications, see Yahoo Adspecs.


Verizon Media highly recommends that you opt in to receive email notifications about creative review changes, such as approvals and bans. For details, see set-preferences.

Upload a Single Creative

You can upload a single image or video to be used in one or more ads.

To upload a single creative:

  1. On the Creatives page, click the New Creative button.
  1. Select Single Creative from the dropdown list.

You see the New Creative page.

  1. Click a button to select a creative type. Select Image to set up a display or native creative, or select Video to set up a video creative.
  1. Set up the creative. Do one of the following:

Bulk Upload Creatives

You can upload many display, hosted native, or video creatives at once. For hosted creatives, you can upload the files directly. For third-party creatives, you can upload a CSV file with the creative URLs.

For information on uploading creatives in bulk, check out Get Started with Creative Bulk Uploads.

Preview a Creative

You can preview creatives associated with an advertiser or line, or generate a live preview link you can share with advertisers who don’t have DSP platform access.

To preview a creative:

  1. From the Creatives page, optionally narrow down the list of creatives by clicking a button (Display or Video) in the upper-right corner of the page.
  1. Follow the creative preview steps. For detailed instructions, check out Preview Creatives.

Clone a Creative

Rather than uploading a new creative from scratch, you can clone an existing image or video creative, and then update the creative as needed. You can clone image and video creatives at the advertiser level or the line level.

For information on cloning a creative, check out Clone Creatives.

Edit a Creative

You can edit display, native, and video creatives one at a time. For display or video creatives, you can also several creatives at once, or bulk edit the creatives. Edit multiple creatives if you have a bunch of different edits to several creatives. Edit creatives in bulk when you plan to make the same change to all the creatives (such as universally changing flight dates).


You can only edit native creatives one at a time.

Validate Creatives

DSP has an automated process that checks creatives and flags issues. For information on this process, check out Validate Creatives.

About Creative Vendor Certification

For information on certifying a new third-party vendor or creative format, check out Creative Vendor Certification.