Clone a Campaign

Advertisers can clone an existing campaign to create a new, discrete copy based on the information contained in the original. The cloned campaign initially has the same settings as the original campaign, (name, time zone, currency), budget schedules and lines (including targeting, ads, conversions and performance data) as the original.

As part of the cloning process, you’ll have the option to change most of these values before saving the new campaign.

To clone a campaign:

  1. Click the Advertisers tab on the left side of any page.
  1. On the Advertisers page, select the advertiser whose campaign you want to clone.

The Campaigns panel for the advertiser opens.

  1. Select the campaign you want to clone.
  1. Click the Clone button.
clone button

The Copy Campaign panel opens.

  1. Update the basic settings for the campaign.

Initially, the new campaign is named “Copy of <original campaign name>”. You can change that name, as well as time zone, currency, or demographic data provider for the campaign.

  1. Update (and optionally create new) budget schedule(s) for the new campaign.

For the budget schedule, you can change the name, flight dates, and budget.

Note: If the original campaign supported multiple budget schedules, you can create additional budget schedules for the new campaign as well. Click [Add] to create a new budget schedule and fill in the same fields.

  1. Update the lines for the new campaign.

Mark the checkbox next to each line you want to copy into the new campaign. For each line, specify whether or not to copy:

  • targeting
  • ads
  • performance data
  • conversions pixels
  1. Click on the [Clone Campaign] button.

Note: When added to the platform, the newly cloned campaign and any cloned lines are inactive.

  1. (Optonally) activate the new campaign by selecting it from the list of campaigns for the advertiser and changing its status to Active.