Archive Campaigns, Packages, or Lines

If you have campaigns, packages or lines that are no longer relevant (or were created in error), you an can hide them from view. Hiding packages, campaigns, or lines from view helps you keep the Packages, Campaigns and Lines pages current and clutter free.

After you archive your unneeded campaigns and lines, you can easily view or unarchive them.

Archive Campaigns, Packages or Lines

Archive any unneeded campaigns or lines to hide them from view.

To archive campaigns, packages or lines:

  1. From any of the Packages, Campaigns or Lines pages, select the checkboxes for the items you want to archive. To archive all of your items, select the checkbox in the upper-left corner above the list view.
  1. Select Archive from the Actions menu.

If any of your pcakages, campaigns or lines are active or include a start date in the future, you see an alert.

  1. If you see the Archive alert and still want to archive your items, click Archive.

View Archived

You can easily go back and view your archived packages, campaigns and lines.

To view archived packages, campaigns or lines:

On the right side of the Packages, Campaigns or Lines pages, select Archive from the Show menu.


You see your archived items in the list view.


You can also view only non-archived items or both archived and non-archived items (All).



If your reporting shows that some of your archived items were highly successful, you may want to unarchive them. After you unarchive campaigns or lines, you can clone them, or reactivate them and change the flight dates.


Unarchiving an item does not automatically make it active. The line or campaign will remain inactive until you reactivate it.

To unarchive packages, campaigns, or lines:

  1. From the Packages, Campaigns, or Lines pages, select the checkboxes for the items you want to unarchive. To unarchive all of your items, select the checkbox in the upper-left corner above the list view.
  1. Select Unarchive from the Actions menu.

Your items are unarchived.


Line Archival

Q: If I archive a campaign, are the lines under the campaign automatically archived?

A: Archiving a campaign does not archive the lines under the campaign.

Q: What happens to any active lines under an archived campaign?

A: If a campaign is archived, DSP first deactivates the campaign before archiving it. Active lines under an archived campaign are not archived, but they do not deliver.

Q: Does the bulk editor work for archived lines?

A: No, the bulk line editor only shows a list of un-archived lines.


Q: Are archived campaigns and lines included in reporting?

A: Reporting still works for archived campaigns and lines. Reporting shows both archived and non-archived campaigns and lines in results.


Q: If I clone a campaign, will archived lines be copied in the clone?

A: DSP only copies un-archived lines into the new cloned campaign.

Q: Can I clone archived campaigns and lines?

A: No, you cannot clone archived campaigns or lines.

Inline Editing

Q: Does inline editing work for archived campaigns and lines?

A: Yes, inline editing works for archived campaigns or lines.