App URL Rules

If you have set up a pixel (see Pixels Overview), you can set up conversion rules to track users who download or use a particular mobile app. See Create and Manage Rules for information on setting up conversion rules.

Activate the MMP Data Flow

Setting up App URL rules requires that you set up the data flow below based on the MMP you plan on using, and select the Oath Ad Platforms endpoint within the appropriate instance of your preferred MMP. You can find MMP-specific information here:

Set Up App URL Rules

For app URL rules, a conversion occurs when a customer uses an app that matches your specified app URL. An app URL can be a Google Play Store or Apple App Store URL. App URL conversions are tracked by mobile measurement providers (MMPs). DSP supports many of the common mobile measurement providers.

To set up an app URL rule

  1. From the New Rule page, be sure the tracking purpose for the rule is Conversion.


DSP does not support the use of app URL rules with retargeting pixels at this time.

  1. Select App Url from the Rule Type dropdown list.
  1. Select a mobile measurement partner from the MMP drop-down list.
  2. In the App URL or Bundle URL field, do one of the following:
  • For an iOS app, enter the app’s iTunes Store ID.
  • For a Google Play Store app, enter the app’s bundle ID.
  1. Under Standard Events, click the Add Event link to add an App URL event.
  2. From the Name drop-down list, select the type of app URL event you want to track. Select one of the following:
  • AchievedLevel
  • Activated App
  • Added PaymentInfo
  • AddedToCart
  • AddedToWishList
  • CompletedRegistration
  • CompletedTutorial
  • InitiatedCheckout
  • Purchased
  • Rated
  • Searched
  • Lead
  • SignUp
  • SpentCredits
  • UnlockedAchievement
  1. Click Save Rule.