This page provides links to the information you need to get started working at the advertiser level. At the advertiser level, you create and edit campaigns, set up pixels, and upload creatives that you can use across campaigns. Feel free to explore the optional functions, such as A/B testing, blacklisting and whitelisting, and brand safety.

Topics to Navigate

Topic Description
Create a New Campaign Shows how to create your first campaign, and manage campaigns.
Packages Overview Shows how set up campaign packages to group multiple lines based on common attributes, including budget, flight dates, goals, and targeting.
Creatives Explains how to upload, clone, edit, preview, manage, and validate creatives.
Pixels Overview Describes how to create and manage pixels.
Audiences Describes how to create and manage audiences.
User Groups Create user groups to set up A/B testing.
App and Site Lists Explains how to set up lists of apps and sites to blacklist or whitelist.
Contextual Targeting Serve ads based on specified characteristics of a web page’s content, such as brand safety.
Targeting Templates Learn how to create and apply targeting templates which define multiple attributes for a line.
Advertiser Properties Edit an advertiser’s primary contact or other details.