Advertiser Groups

Advertiser groups provide a simple way to group advertisers into a folder-like mechanism for easy filtering. You can also use advertiser groups to set up default custom views. For example, you can categorize groups of advertisers by vertical, region, or another category that suits your business needs.

Creating an advertiser group is optional. If you create an advertiser group, then you need to associate every advertiser under a seat with one of the advertiser groups. To create advertiser groups, you need Seat Ops permissions.

Check out Manage Users for information on user permissions.

Create an Advertiser Group

You create advertiser groups on the Seat Settings page.

To create an advertiser group:

  1. In the upper-right corner of any DSP page, click your name. For example:
  1. Select Seat Settings from the list.
  1. Select the Seat Properties tab.
  1. In the Advertiser Groups area of the page, click the Add Advertiser Group link.
  1. Enter a long name and a short name for your advertiser group.

Do the following:

  • Type the full name in the Long Name field.
  • Type an abbreviated name in the Short Name field.

When you create a deal or run a report, you see the advertiser group name in the drop-down list as follows:

Long Name (Short Name)

When you create a new advertiser, you assign it to an advertiser group. Check out Advertisers for information on creating a new advertiser.

How Exchanges and Deals Work with Advertiser Groups

You can filter the Exchanges page to view exchange-specific delivery stats by advertiser group.


You can also create advertiser group-specific deals for an exchange.


Check out Inventory for information on these and other exchange-related topics.

Filter and Report on Advertiser Groups

You can filter the Advertisers page by advertiser group.


You can create advertiser-group specific reports using Report Builder.


Check out Advertisers and Report Builder for information on these and other topics related to advertiser groups.