To create advertisers, you need to have Ad Ops permissions. Check out Manage Users for information on user permissions.

If you have opted to organize your seat using advertiser groups, you need to associate each advertiser under the seat with an existing advertiser group. Check out Advertiser Groups if you need help.

Create an Advertiser

Create advertisers on the Advertisers page.

To create an advertiser:

  1. On the Advertisers page, click the New Advertiser button.
You see the New Advertiser page.
  1. On the New Advertiser page, enter the advertiser name in the Advertiser Name field.
  2. Move the Status slider to the right to make the advertiser active. If you are no longer working with the advertiser, move the slider to the left to make the advertiser Inactive.
  3. From the Advertiser Properties page, enable or disable the Optimize using Cross Device Conversions slider, as follows:
  • Move the slider to the right (Enabled) to track and report on conversions that take place across multiple devices. For example, if an impression is served to a user’s mobile device, but that user ends up converting and completing a purchase for the advertised product on their desktop, it is considered a cross-device conversion.
  • Move the slider to the left (Disabled) if you do not want to track cross-device conversions. For example, if you validate conversions with vendors that cannot track mobile conversions, you may want to disable cross-device conversions.
  1. For Website, enter or edit the URL of the advertiser’s website.
  2. Enter or edit the categories for the advertiser’s business. Do the following:
  • For Primary Category, choose the primary category for the advertiser’s business from the drop-down list.
  • For Secondary Category, choose a secondary category for the advertiser’s business from the drop-down list.
  1. For new advertisers, set up the currency and time zone.


When you set the currency and time zone for an advertiser, you cannot go back and edit them after you create the advertiser.

Setting Description
Currency From the Currency drop-down list, select the currency in which transactions should be displayed for this advertiser.
Time Zone From the Time Zone drop-down list, select the default timezone in which the advertiser’s data will be aggregated for running reports.
  1. Select the group you want to associate this advertiser with from the Advertiser Group drop-down list. Check out Advertiser Groups if you need help.
  2. If you want to cap impressions across all of your campaigns, do the following:
  • Select the Frequency Capping checkbox.
  • Select a frequency capping duration from the Duration drop-down list. The duration sets the time interval in which impressions are capped. For example, selecting Monthly caps impressions at x impressions per month.
  • Specify the number of impressions that you want to be served to consumers during that interval. The specified value determines the maximum number that can be served to a consumer during the frequency capping interval. For example, 30 impressions per month.
  1. In the Billing Information area, optionally type a default Profit Margin percentage. The profit margin percentage is carried over to all new line items you create for the advertiser. You can always overwrite the profit margin percentage at the line item level.
  1. In the Advertiser Primary Contact area, enter the following contact information:
Field Description
First Name, Last Name (optional) The first and last name of the advertiser’s primary contact.
Email (optional) The email address for the advertiser contact.
Address, City, State, and Country (required) The address, city, state, and country for the advertiser contact.
Zip / Postal Code (optional) The zip code or postal code for the advertiser contact.
Phone (optional) The phone number for the advertiser contact.

When you are finished configuring your advertiser settings, click Create Advertiser if you are creating a new advertiser, or click Save if you are editing an advertiser’s properties.

Manage Advertisers

You do all of your advertiser management tasks on the Advertisers page. Your advertiser management tasks include the following:

  • Filter and search for advertisers
  • Customize the Advertisers page

Filter and Search for Advertisers

You can filter the list of advertisers by choosing an advertiser group from the Group drop-down list, show performance metrics for a particular date range by selecting the range from the dates drop-down list, and and type text strings into the Search text box to narrow down the list of advertisers. The following graphic shows how to filter and search the list of advertisers:


Customize the Advertisers Page

You can sort most columns on the Advertisers page. When you click next to a column heading, you see a tiny arrow you can use to sort the column in ascending or descending order. You can also add and remove columns by clicking the plus sign on the far-right and selecting or deselecting column names.