Vendor Store

Vendor Store is a seat-level interface where self-serve clients on a CPM contract can opt in to DSP-supported, third-party services for contextual targeting, inventory quality, and measurement.


The Verizon Media Trust and Verification team regularly integrates additional third-party contextual targeting, inventory quality, and measurement vendor services into the vendor store. The integrated third-party vendor services as of release date include the following:

Contextual Targeting

  • DoubleVerify: Authentic Brand Safety, Brand Safety Contextual
  • Grapeshot: Brand Safety Contextual, Custom Contextual, Custom Predicts Contextual, Language Contextual, Standard Contextual, Standard Predicts Contextual
  • IAS: Brand Safety Contextual, Blacklist Contextual
  • Peer39: Standard Contextual
  • Moat: Pre-bid IVT

Viewability Targeting

  • DoubleVerify: Viewability
  • IAS: Custom Viewability (GroupM), Custom Viewability (Publicis), Viewability
  • Moat: Pre-Bid (GroupM), Pre-Bid (MRC)

Inventory Quality

  • DoubleVerify: Pre-bid Bot Avoidance
  • IAS: Pre-bid Bot Avoidance


  • Nielsen DAR
  • comScore vCE

To set up seat-level access to the vendor store, contact your Verizon Media representative.

Some vendor services have a charge associated with them, and others are offered at no charge to DSP self-serve clients.

Open the Vendor Store

To open the Vendor Store, you need Publisher Ops, Ad Ops, and Seat Ops permissions.

To open the Vendor Store:

  1. In the upper-right corner of any DSP page, click your name. For example:
  1. Select Seat Settings from the list.
  1. Select the Vendor Store tab.

Enable Vendor Services

You can enable vendor services in the Vendor Store.


Choose carefully. If you enable a vendor service, you cannot go back and disable it later.

To enable vendor services:

  1. From the Vendor Store, select a tab to view the category of vendor services you want. Select Contextual Targeting, Inventory Quality, or Measurement.
  2. Locate the service you want, and note the CPM price of the service. If you want to go ahead with the service purchase, click the slider to select that service.

You see an alert.

  1. If you are sure you want to enable the service, click Confirm.

Vendor Services Reporting

You can create Report Builder reports to view your vendor service fees. Under metrics, select Total Vendor Fee to view the combined fees for all the applicable vendor services. You can break the fees out by dimensions including Advertiser, Campaign, Line, Creative, etc.

For details, check out Report Builder.