Yahoo delicious API

Delicious is a Social Bookmarking service that allows users to save their bookmarks online, share them with other people, and see what other people are bookmarking. The API provides Read/Write access to Delicious bookmarks and tags.

Sample data through YQL

Accessing the Data

Using the data in your application

In order to access delicious data in your application, you’ll need to get a Yahoo API key and configure it to use delicious social bookmarking. You can do this by creating a project for your application.

Create a Project

Rate Limits

Use of the delicious social bookmarking developer service should not exceed reasonable request volume. Access through YQL is limited to 20,000 signed calls per hour and 2,000 unsigned calls per hour, as defined in the YQL Terms of Use.

Request higher rate limits

If you believe your application will exceed the rate limit, please contact us to request a higher rate limit for your application.


By using the delicious social bookmarking developer service, you agree to the Terms of Use.


Learn how to use the delicious social bookmarking API through descriptions of its queries and parameters. In addition, the documentation also inculdes sample code to help get you started.



Join the conversation on the delicious social bookmarking developer forum to get help and touch base with other developers.