Chapter 1. Overview

This tutorial shows you how to write a simple TV App and submit it to the Yahoo Connected TV Store (the "TV Store") for distribution on connected TVs running the Yahoo Connected TV Platform (the "Platform").

This document covers:

  • The basic tools you need to get started.
  • How TV Apps are packaged.
  • How to create the basic TV App files.
  • Steps to follow when submitting a TV App to the TV Store.

Basic Definitions

The following basic definitions describe the high level components of TV Apps:

  • TV Apps are rich Internet applications that run on connected TV devices and take advantage of Internet services to deliver dynamic content to a video or television-viewing audience.
  • Bookmarks are the tiles that are graphically displayed on the bottom of your television screen when you access TV Apps through your remote control. These tiles are icons that launch each TV App’s primary view.
  • The TV Dock is the container that manages multiple bookmarks. The dock organizes bookmarks in a horizontal list along the bottom of your TV.
  • The sidebar is the primary view of a TV App. When you activate a bookmark it launches the app from the dock into the sidebar view. The sidebar has a home icon, a logo, a title button, a section menu for navigation, and a global toolbar to provide global functions for each app.
  • The fullscreen view is the largest graphical view of a TV App. You can launch the fullscreen view from a sidebar view. In the general case, the entire screen resolution is covered by the app’s graphical interface.

Table of Contents