Chapter 4. Deploying TV App Software

The deployment of app software is organized into the following five phases:

  1. Development testing using the TV Simulator.
  2. Quality Assurance testing using a development device (if available) on a local network.
  3. TV App submission and updates to the TV Store.
  4. Staged testing of downloaded software in a mock-production testing environment.
  5. Production testing on devices available to consumers.

Set the TV Store Developer Code

The Developer Code allows apps that are pending approval to be downloaded to specific devices by specific users for testing purposes. The Developer Code is obtained from the TV Store app on the device. A four-digit code is bound to a tester’s Yahoo ID and a device code.

When you upload your app to the TV Store you enter a unique developer code to identify the apps you have developed. The Developer Code is found in the TV Store app under Developer Settings. Follow these steps to access your unique Developer Code for your device from the TV Store app.

  1. Launch the TV Store app from the dock.
  2. Press the GREEN key on the remote control while you are in the TV Store app to launch the Settings view.
  3. Select Developer Settings.
  4. Toggle the Developer Mode button to On.
  5. Sign-in with your Yahoo ID.
  6. A unique Developer Code for your device is displayed.
  7. Note this code for future reference.

The following example shows the Developer Settings page of the TV Store app:

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