respond to an incoming call from a remote device


Boolean returnRemoteCall(RemoteDeviceEvent event)


The RemoteDeviceEvent event Object has the following properties:

  • String method — The remote method being called.
  • String instanceId — The unique identifier for the remote device.
  • String widgetId — The unique identifier of the widget.
  • String callId — The unique identifier of this specific remote call. Used to distinguish simultaneous calls.
  • String data — The parameters for the remote call.
  • String result — The return data for the remote call.


Returns true if sending the message is successful. Returns false otherwise..


Respond to an incoming call from a remote device by replying to the device with the original RemoteDeviceEvent event Object received, with return data populated in the event.result property. Messages are limited to 20,480 bytes for the entire message, unless otherwise specified by a device partner.

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