Testing with the Simulator

The Simulator is useful for some forms of testing, but in the Simulator your app software is not running on the real device software or hardware. The Simulator provides an approximation of the production environment for functionality testing purposes. The benefits of using the Simulator for testing include:

  • App layout and design review.
  • User interface behavior and functionality testing with keyboard mappings.
  • Network and round-trip testing.

The following are the known limitations of testing using the Simulator:

  • Performance testing on the virtual machine is not representative of the partner's device.
  • Memory management testing is not representative of the memory limitations on the partner's device.
  • The color on the monitor is not representative of the color of television monitors.
  • Sound quality is not representative.
  • Video plays in the Simulator in a simulated video plane and a simulated media player which is not representative of the production video plane and the production media player of the partner's device. For example, only one out of several video frames is played when using the default settings. See Edit the Simulator Settings for more information.
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM) is not implemented.

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