Chapter 5. Submitting to the TV Store

The next phase of development is submitting your production-ready app to the Yahoo Connected TV Store. When testing is complete, you can publish your app by getting it approved by the Yahoo Connected TV Store team. The goal of the submission and approval process is to enable an open ecosystem whereby, subject to published approval criteria, apps flow through to the TV Store on deployed devices for consumer availability.

The final QA and approval process does not start until you send the YCTV Acceptance Criteria Form to Prior to submitting the Acceptance Criteria form, you can upload your app to the TV Store as many times as you need for testing purposes. Once uploaded, you can then download your app to specific connected TV devices for specific test-users.

YCTV Acceptance Criteria Form (Microsoft Word):

YCTV Acceptance Criteria Form (Rich Text Format):

Overview of the TV App Approval Process

The app approval process allows app developers to add new apps (and to make updates to existing apps) to deployed devices running the Yahoo Connected TV Platform.

Steps to Developer-Approved State

  1. The developer uploads the test app to the TV Store.
  2. The developer adds QA testers to the TV Store using the Developer Code.
  3. The QA testers download the app from the TV Store to a consumer device and perform on-device testing.
  4. The developer marks the app as developer-approved based on successful on-device testing.
  5. The developer sends email to as described in Submit your TV App for Approval.

Steps to Yahoo-Approved State

  1. The TV Store team is notified that a new app is pending approval.
  2. Yahoo QA testers execute testing on the app.
  3. The TV Store team marks the app as Yahoo-approved based on successful testing.

Device Partner Steps to Partner-Approved State

  1. The device partner team is notified that a new app is pending approval.
  2. Device partner QA testers execute testing on the app.
  3. The device partner team marks the app as partner-approved based on successful testing.

Consumer Steps

  1. The app shows up in the TV Store app in the dock on production devices.
  2. Consumers can elect to download/install the new app and add it to their user profiles.

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