Launch the Simulator from the Command Line

If you have created launch icons on your desktop you can double click on one of the launch icons to launch the Simulator for that device partner.

The Simulator executable tvsim has been installed in the Linux directory /usr/local/TVSimBuild/. A startup script for the Simulator is located here: /usr/local/bin/

You can also launch the Simulator from the terminal command line. For the Latest Production Simulator, at the prompt enter:

/usr/local/bin/ --Latest

If you are having trouble launching the Simulator from the application menus, open a terminal window and launch the Simulator from the command line.

VirtualBox Expected Error

If you are using VirtualBox, please ignore the following error in the Simulator Console window when starting the Simulator, and do not enable 3D acceleration:

OpenGL Warning: Failed to connect to host. Make sure the 3D acceleration is enabled for this VM.

See VirtualBox Instructions for more information.

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