Launch the Simulator

  1. Check that your network connection and proxy settings are valid. A valid network connection is required to update apps in the Simulator.
  2. Open the Applications→Yahoo CTV-ADK menu to find the Latest Production Simulator as well as partner-specific Simulators. Each Simulator has the same four menu items: Simulator, Simulator Reset, Simulator TV API Settings, and Simulator Update Apps.

  3. Choose a Simulator to run, for example, select the Latest Production Simulator menu item from the Applications→Yahoo CTV-ADK→Latest Production menu.

  4. The Simulator is lauched and displays the dock.

    When you launch the Simulator, a Terminal window running the Simulator Console is also launched. You can type commands into this terminal window. See Chapter 3, Debugging with the Simulator Console for a list of debugger commands.

  5. The Simulator’s directory is now created in your home directory. The data and apps for each Simulator are stored in its corresponding directory in $HOME/YCTV-ADK. In this example, the $HOME/YCTV-ADK/YCTV-SIM-Latest directory is created.

VirtualBox Expected Error

If you are using VirtualBox, please ignore the following error in the Simulator Console window when starting the Simulator, and do not enable 3D acceleration:

OpenGL Warning: Failed to connect to host. Make sure the 3D acceleration is enabled for this VM.

See VirtualBox Instructions for more information.

Network Connection Required

A valid network connection is required for installation. The first time the Simulator is started it attempts the following HTTP request:

wget -O /dev/null $KF_PROXY $testurl -o /tmp/wget.log

The variable KF_PROXY is set using the Applications→Yahoo CTV-ADK→Simulator Settings menu. See Edit the Simulator Settings to set this proxy value.

The variable testurl is set to:

The network connection is checked the first time you start a newly installed Simulator and each time you update the apps through the Simulator Reset menu item.

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