JavaScript Debugger Commands

By default the JavaScript debugger is enabled. You can use the Simulator Console to set a break point on a line number within a file (/break file:line). This triggers a debugging state where no timers will fire and no web requests will get serviced.

At the console prompt, set the app context to the app to debug. First use the /widgets command to locate the running index of the app.  Then use the /widgets # command to switch to the app’s JavaScript context.  For example, type the following into the console terminal window:

Once in the app’s context, you can use the JavaScript debugger commands.

The following JavaScript debugger commands are supported by the console’s command line interface:

Once in the debugger at a breakpoint, you can also execute JavaScript which will happen in the context of the currently selected stack frame. At this point you can also profile your code with the following:

The following KONtx Framework objects are supported by the console's command line interface:

To disable JavaScript debugging set the environment variable KF_DEBUG to 0. You can set this environment variable in your shell or edit the javascript_debug flag in the Simulator settings file. To edit the Simulator settings, select the Simulator Settings item from the Applications→Yahoo CTV-ADK menu. See Edit the Simulator Settings for more details.

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