Install the Package

The ADK installer will create a root folder called /devapps if it does not already exist on your VM. Any apps you copy into this folder are loaded the next time the Simulator starts. This directory can be used for development and testing purposes. A Simulator Reset may be required before new apps show up in the dock. The /devapps root directory and its contents are untouched even if you remove the ADK package.

Follows these steps to install the software package:

  1. Prior to installing the Debian package, open a terminal window and run the command:

    sudo apt-get update

  2. Double-click on the .deb package to launch the package installer.

  3. Click on the Install Package button. The package manager asks you for the root password. Enter the Password "password" and click OK.

  4. The package installer displays the Yahoo Connected TV Developer Terms of Use license. Check the I hereby accept the Yahoo Connected TV Developer Terms of Use checkbox and click on the Forward button.

  5. Enter your E-mail, Name, and Company registration information when prompted. Check the I hereby grant Yahoo permission to send this user information to its servers checkbox and click on the Forward button.

  6. The package installer installs the .deb package file.

  7. The package installer completes the installation. Click on the Close button to exit the dialog box. Quit the package installer.

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