Install Your Own TV Apps

New apps should be saved in the root directory /devapps which is created at installation.

  1. Make sure the Simulator is not running. Press the ESC key to exit the Simulator.
  2. Define a unique identifier for your app (formerly called widget) in the widget.xml file. Use a reverse domain name appended with your app name:


  3. To add a new app, save your app in the /devapps root directory.
  4. Choose the Simulator Reset menu for the appropriate Simulator. The Simulator Reset tool removes the local data in the directory in $HOME/YCTV-ADK/YCTV-SIM-XXX/data. Any apps you have downloaded from the TV Store will also be removed by the Simulator Reset tool.

  5. Restart the Simulator.

  6. For updates, edit your existing apps and copy them to the /devapps root directory and stop/restart the Simulator without needing to do a Simulator Reset.

  7. The apps you have added show up in the dock. If you do not see your new app in the dock, make sure you have a unique app identifier and reboot Linux.

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