Edit the Simulator Settings

If you want to review or edit the Simulator settings, select the Simulator Settings item from the Applications→Yahoo CTV-ADK menu.

This menu item launches an editor so you can review and edit the YCTV-ADK.env file that is copied into the $HOME/YCTV-ADK directory. This file controls the environment variables for all the Simulators:


When you first startup the Simulator this file is copied from the default file:


The file YCTV-ADK.env is a text file you can edit with gedit or your favorite text editor. When the Simulator starts it reads the following environment variables from this file:

Video Playback Frame Skipping

In a VM environment, video playback is supported through GStreamer and is CPU intensive. By default, VMware runs in dual-processor mode. If you are using VirtualBox you need to manually switch the settings to dual-processor mode. See VirtualBox Instructions for more information.

If your VM is using all available processors and performance is still a problem, setting the value of video_skip_frames to 8 improves CPU performance but degrades video playback by playing only 1 out of 9 frames. If CPU performance is not an issue, this value can be decreased for smoother video playback.

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