Download and Uncompress the Development Environment VM

Follow these steps to get the Ubuntu 10.04 Linux VM distributed by Yahoo Connected TV:

  1. Download the compressed Ubuntu 10.04 VM file (ubuntu_10.04_ctv.vmwarevm.7z) from the following page:

  2. Uncompress the ubuntu_10.04_ctv.vmwarevm.7z file using the 7-Zip Utility to extract the VMware Virtual Machine Disk Format file (ubuntu_10.04_ctv.vmdk) and configuration file (ubuntu_10.04_ctv.vmx) into a well-known folder.

  3. Launch the VMware Player and browse to your well-known folder to open the provided Ubuntu 10.04 VM. If you are using VirtualBox see VirtualBox Instructions for more information.

  4. Login to the VM (username: admin, password: password).

You should not attempt to update the development environment. System updates for this VM have been disabled to prevent support issues with Ubuntu 10.04 configurations that have not been tested by Yahoo Connected TV.

VirtualBox Instructions

The installation instructions for using VirtualBox as the VM environment deviate from the standard instructions in these ways:

  • When you browse to your well-known folder to open the provided Ubuntu 10.04 VM, if you are using VirtualBox you should browse to and open the ubuntu_10.04_ctv.vmdk file directly. If you are using VirtualBox and have previously installed VMware Fusion, you need to right-click on the folder and select Show Package Contents and then move the .vmdk file to a new location before use.
  • If you are using VirtualBox, please ignore the following error in the Simulator Console window when starting the Simulator, and do not enable 3D acceleration:
    OpenGL Warning: Failed to connect to host. Make sure the 3D acceleration is enabled for this VM.
  • In a VM environment, video playback is supported through GStreamer and is CPU intensive. By default, VMware runs in dual-processor mode. If you are using VirtualBox you need to manually switch the settings to dual-processor mode.

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