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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
YCTVAbstractCommandThe base class for all Yahoo! Widget Engine commands
YCTVAbstractResponseThe base class for all Yahoo! Widget Engine responses
YCTVCallCommandInvokes a method call on the Yahoo! Widget Engine
YCTVConnectionManages the connection between an application and the Yahoo Widget Engine
<YCTVConnectionDelegate>This protocol declares the delegate methods called by instances of YCTVConnection
YCTVDiscoveryAgentBonjour-based agent used to find available Yahoo! Widget Engines on the local network
<YCTVDiscoveryAgentDelegate>Declares the delegate methods called by instances of YCTVDiscoveryAgent
YCTVErrorResponseAn error response
YCTVPublishCommandPublishes events to the Yahoo! Widget Engine
YCTVPublishResponseA publish response from the Yahoo! Widget Engine
YCTVReturnResponseA response for the result of a remote method call
YCTVSessionAuthCommandAuthorizes a session
YCTVSessionCreateCommandCreates a new session with the Yahoo! Widget Engine
YCTVSessionGrantedResponseA response to the session create + authorization command pair
YCTVSessionResetCommandResets (restarts) an old session
YCTVSessionStatusCommandQueries the current status of a previously established session
YCTVSessionStatusResponseA response to the session status command, YCTVSessionStatusCommand
YCTVSubscribeCommandSubscribes the application to events generated by the Yahoo! Widget Engine
YCTVSubscribedResponseA response to the subscribe command, YCTVSubscribeCommand
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