Experience Four Screen Interactivity

Tablets, laptops, and mobile phones can now be connected to your TV!

Yahoo Connected TV’s device communication model enables new and exciting TV-viewing experiences driven by the sophisticated controls available on today’s tablets, laptops, and mobile phones. A new generation of TV App capabilities is now available to consumers, including gesture-based, multi-display, and multi-user features for intensive gaming, multimedia, and social applications.

This device communication platform supports two-way message-passing between Internet-enabled devices and connected TVs running the Yahoo Connected TV Platform. Keyboard, navigation, and app-specific messages can be communicated through a new protocol over a local network.

New Capabilities

Mobile Phones as Smart Remote Controls

Use an Android phone or an iPhone as a smart remote control for Yahoo Connected TV, taking advantage of the phone's superior tap and swipe controls.

Tablet Devices for Data Rich Interfaces

Use a Yahoo Connected TV companion app on the iPad to connect with the currently playing TV program. Access a rich set of web results on the tablet which can be played on the TV with the touch of a button.

TV Displays for Shared Web Viewing

Access web videos on a mobile phone or tablet and send them to a big screen TV for shared viewing.

Android App

Create your own companion mobile app to use as a smart remote control on Android mobile phones and tablets.

Yahoo Connected TV mobile companion app

  • Supported TVs: Works with 2012 Sony® Bravia EX 40, 46, and 55 inch TVs with Bravia® Internet Apps¹.
  • Wi-Fi: Connects to your TV through your home network.
  • Remote Control: Navigate your favorite apps on the TV using touch and swipe gestures.
  • Launch TV Apps: Instantly launch any of your favorite apps directly on the TV.
  • Play Y! Videos: Instantly stream Yahoo Video content directly on the TV.
  • Keyboard: Effortlessly type text on the TV using your mobile device’s keyboard.
  • Web Pages: Send web pages from the TV to your mobile device's web browser.

¹ 2012 Sony® Bravia KDL-40EX640, KDL-46EX640, KDL-55EX640. More models will be added in 2012.

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