Session Configuration

When the device opens up a socket connection, it is either creating a new session or resetting to a previously created session. The socket connection is a multi-message long-term connection. The session between a given device and a Yahoo Connected TV can span multiple socket connections. If an error or EOF occurs, the socket connection is closed and a session reset is required. If the device application’s authorization is revoked, the session must be reauthorized. All messages should be encoded in UTF-8.

Before a session is created or reset, configuration parameters need to be set. The SESSION CONFIG record should always be the first command sent over the connection, regardless of previous states. If this is not the first message between the device and the Yahoo Connected TV, the socket will be closed.




All messages should be encoded in UTF-8. The <protocol version> parameter allows Yahoo to make future changes in the protocol.


When no previous successful connections have been made, an untrusted SSL handshake is completed. The device initiates a connection by sending the session configuration data.

Device Request: SESSION|CONFIG|0.1|END

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