Bookmarks Overview

To make content more easily accessible onscreen you can add app pages to your list of favorite bookmarks. Bookmarks are the tiles that are graphically displayed on the bottom of your television screen when you access Yahoo Connected TV through your remote control. Typically you use a bookmark to launch an app to display its navigation start page or HOME menu, but bookmarks can also display an app's dynamic content that is pushed to your connected TV device from Internet service providers.

Examples of non-static bookmarks that benefit from dynamic content are:

  • A Flickr bookmark, which refreshes as new photos of your grandchildren are uploaded.
  • A video rental bookmark, which shows when the latest smash hit has been released to video.
  • A Yahoo Weather bookmark which shows the current temperature in your city and a chance of rain.

Bookmarks provide the advantage of dynamic notification that you can monitor while watching television or videos.

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