The Yahoo Connected TV Platform® allows developers to write TV Apps using JavaScript and XML. These applications run on connected TV devices and take advantage of Internet services to deliver dynamic content to a video or television-viewing audience. If you'd like to stake your claim on the leading edge of a new technology, you can get started today developing TV Apps.

How Do I Get Started?

Yahoo Connected TV Store

Sell your TV Apps directly to consumers using the Yahoo Connected TV Store available in over 135 countries. Developers may charge a one-time fee of 99¢ to $99. All transactions are facilitated by Yahoo.

Media Support

Create apps that take advantage of big-screen HD TVs to view video, photo slideshows, or listen to music. Create a single app to serve media across Sony, Samsung, VIZIO, Toshiba, and Hisense TVs.

Check out the Yahoo Connected TV Media Player API documentation.

Device Communication

Turn your phone or tablet into a remote control for your TV App interface. Connect your mobile device to your TV through your home network. Effortlessly type text on the TV using your mobile device keyboard. Send web pages from the TV to your mobile device’s web browser. Implement device communication and create compelling second screen experiences using this flexible protocol.

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Supported Devices

Business Opportunities

TV Apps provide the ability to monetize these services with the same powerful business models found on the web. The same personalization, authentication and tracking mechanisms available for tracking media usage on the web can be used on TV.

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Yahoo Smart TV Ads

Advertise with Yahoo Smart TV Ads and set new standards for interactive TV ads.

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Ready to get started?

Use of all Yahoo Connected TV software and documentation is subject to the Yahoo Connected TV Developer Terms of Use

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