API Docs for: 0.6.1

Meta.common Class

Access point: ac.meta.* Allows the usage of the "meta" object as a storage device, which can pass data from child mojits up towards parents.

Item Index




  • cb
  • [optional]

To retrieve stashed data that has been stored by child mojits, call this function and provide a function, which will be called once the children have been dispatched and all their meta data has been merged.


  • cb Function

    callback will be called with the stored merged object.

  • [optional] Object optional

    scope scope of the callback.


  • key
  • val

Stores a keyed value within the meta object of the current mojit execution. You can call this as many times as you like, but if you use the same key, you'll override previous data. Call this within child mojits when you have some data you want to make available for some reason to any parents up your hierarchy.


  • key String

    The key used as the index value.

  • val Object

    The value to store.