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Yahoo! BrowserPlus had been deprecated. If you have any concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us in General Discussion at YDN forum.

BroswerPlus is an open source technology for web browsers that allows developers to create rich web applications with desktop capabilities. It exposes new functions to JavaScript that allow web applications to have secure access to desktop facilities. Web pages can interact with BrowserPlus through a set of APIs that work in all popular browsers.

The most unique attribute of BrowserPlus is its ability to update and add new features to web browsers on the fly without a restart or even a page reload. Developers can easily activate and use services from JavaScript, pending user approval.

So what does it do?

Some ways you can use BrowserPlus today to enhance your own site include:

Advanced in-page uploads with multiple file select, mime-type filtering, multiple file or folder drop, and efficient uploads. A drop-in JS Library allows you to quickly add a skinnable advanced uploader to your page without modifying the server logic that accepts the POST.

Desktop notifications unobtrusively deliver updates to your users when their browser is minimized with native "growl style" alerts/toast on your desktop. External frameworks are not required. Integrate native notifications into your site in a couple lines of javascript.

How do I get started?

  • Experience the platform as an end-user would by tinkering with our demonstrations.
  • Go through our sample code to get a better idea of how BrowserPlus works.
  • Check out the available services, and use the online documentation to build something great!

Using BrowserPlus


As with other JavaScript frameworks, to use BrowserPlus, you include a small JavaScript library in your page, and use the API that this library exposes. In addition, as a client technology, users must install the BrowserPlus platform to enjoy its enhanced features. Our docs go deeper into the different ways to offer BrowserPlus to the users of your site.

Rate Limits

None, Brutus, none.

Developer License Agreement

Use of BrowserPlus, Javascript, and APIs on your own site is covered by the BrowserPlus Developer License Agreement.

End User License Agreement

Installation and use of the BrowserPlus client software is covered by the BrowserPlus EULA and Yahoo! privacy policy.

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