Response Fields

This section describes the response fields returned by web search.

XML header fields
Field name Description
count Indicates how many results to show per page. The value shown in results is the smaller of the default or explicit “count” request argument value or the actual number of results in the response. The result set will include the requested “count” unless there is fewer than that number of matching documents.
start The first numeric result to display. The value shown in results echoes the default or explicit “start” request argument value. When used with ”count”, this lets you display follow-on pages of results.
totalresults The totalresults value is normally used as an information display on a search result page, reporting how many total documents matched the search terms.
abstract Abstract with keywords highlighted with html tags. abstract=long will retrieve and display an abstract of a web document up to 300 characters. This expanded abstract provides the requestor with a larger piece of information to work from in a web search query.
title Returns the result’s title, with keywords highlighted with html <b> and </b> tags.
url URL of resultReturns the result’s URL.
clickurl Returns a navigation URL that leads to the target URL for each result. A clickurl might lead through a redirect server, which provides Yahoo with important usage data from search result sets. See coding requirement (url vs clickurl) in overview.
dispurl Returns the URLs of documents matching the query result. Use this field only for display purposes on result pages. To direct search users to the target document, use the clickurl value
date Returns the date the URL was last crawled in YYYY/MM/DD format.
language Displays the language of the search results document. See view=language for more information. Other language results may appear in results.

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