Key Information

Yahoo BOSS is a self-serve product. If you already have experience with Yahoo BOSS, you can use the steps below to jump ahead and get your Yahoo BOSS key and API's to setup your new Yahoo BOSS API services. If you are a first time user of Yahoo BOSS it is recommended that you read the detailed documentation about the new features of Yahoo BOSS.

  1. Go to Create Key to start your Boss API setup process.
  2. Continue and get your Yahoo BOSS API key (security) and validation information, then enter the BOSS information page.
  3. Read the pricing plans, select and enter your payment information and check your details in the payment confirmation page. A Yahoo BOSS Billing email will be sent to the email address you entered on the sign-up page when the billing cycle is complete.
  4. Select if you want advertisements with your search results. You will be contacted for more details when you are qualified for advertising.
  5. Welcome to the Yahoo BOSS Dashboard page.
  6. Read the technical documentation here. This should give you information on oAuth, accessing the API and working with the data.


    The BOSS App ID is different from the standard Web services developer App ID. Please select the BOSS check box during sign up.

Who Should Read This Document

This documentation is intended for programmers developing applications to access Yahoo content and search infrastructure. The documentation assumes an understanding of HTTP, HTTPS, XML, JSON, and a cursory knowledge of query languages.

Contact Information

The following contacts are presented here for your use if you have any questions relating to BOSS API or its features and functions.

BOSS developers are encouraged to sign up for the BOSS Yahoo Group, a good place to share ideas with the BOSS developer community.

For account related issues, ideas or suggestions please use the form at and select BOSS.

Terms of Use

Use of the Yahoo Search BOSS services, related software, and this documentation is subject to Terms of Use.

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