Chapter 3. BOSS API Specification

The following specification details the GET or input function of the Yahoo BOSS API. There are two API calls that can be used in Yahoo BOSS API, a multi-service with keywords GET function and a multi-service and multi-keyword GET function that specifies the keywords per service to be searched.

Syntax for Data Reads (GET)



Below is a list of data sources that can be used with the Query specifications described above:

Service Description
web Yahoo web search index results with basic url, title, and abstract data.
limitedweb Limited web results. Index refresh rate ~ 3days.
images Image search. Image Search includes images from the Yahoo Image Search index and Flickr.
news News search. News Search includes late breaking news articles from the past 30 days.
blogs Blogs search [Beta]
ads Advertising. If publisher has qualified for Yahoo Search Advertising.

General API Rules

  1. + and - operators are transparent to the gateway and passed to respective service
  2. Batch requests can be made across services using a comma separated list.
  3. Keywords parameters can be used by service(s).
  4. Keywords parameter will default across all appropriate services unless individual keyword values are provided for each service selected.

Basic Rules

Support for XML and JSON formats are provided in the order the service was requested. 50 results are returned per query request for web, limitedweb, and news results.


URL encode any reserved characters in the query and parameters before sending the BOSS API call. See Reserved Characters and Escape Values for more information.

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