Yahoo Sponsored Search Ads

BOSS Developers can request for sponsored search advertising during the sign up process. In order to participate, you will need to provide some details about your product including information about your traffic sources. Once your product is approved , you will be allowed to request for Ads in the same query as the other backends (web, news, etc).

A separate contract will be required for a Yahoo search advertising contract the details of which will be provided to you when you qualify. DDC will be providing you this contract for Y! search advertising.


Have more questions regarding the Ads? Check our FAQ.

Rules around advertising

  1. Developers can only sign-up for Search Advertising through the BOSS API sign-up process.
  2. Publishers after applying will need to be qualified by Yahoo to receive advertising. Our partner DDC may contact you to get additional information once the online sign up process is complete.
  3. Publishers who qualify for advertising will move to a monthly billing model which displays your net revenue generated through BOSS API.
  4. Yahoo also encourages publishers to use display advertising on their sites. Publishers are welcome to use any display advertising of their choice knowing that Yahoo is the leader is the space and has several offerings available. To visit Yahoo’s Right Media site for display advertising click here.

Important Rules About Displaying Ads

These rules are required for using and displaying advertisements using the BOSS API service.

  • Ads by Yahoo” this branding, including this link “”, should be used by all affiliates in clear 10pt text.
  • Affiliates should differentiate the Ads in some meaningful manner (E.g. – Box around Ads, different color, clear marking, etc).
  • Ads CANNOT be blended or mixed with Algo results. i.e. No showing Ads in between Algo results.
  • Ads can be shown in any other section (East, West, South, North).
  • Trying to copy/manipulate Yahoo hosted Java Script will lead to detection/termination.