Chapter 1. Getting Started

BOSS API is an updated service that provides RESTful access to Web, Image, News, and Spelling with a simple pricing scheme based on usage. The service also provides qualifying developers access to Yahoo Search Advertising.


Web search and Image search results are provided by Microsoft Coporation through the Yahoo and Microsoft Search Alliance.

BOSS Highlights

BOSS API is the next step in the BOSS product evolution. Yahoo has retained the best features from the original BOSS release and added some new features to enhance the build your own search service experience.

  • RESTful API for Web, Image and News with support for XML and JSON
  • Flexibility to blend and re-rank results
  • Required Yahoo brand attribution
  • oAuth Authentication
  • Self-serve with credit card authentication at sign-up
  • Single call for Algorithmic and Advertising results
  • Access to Yahoo specific structured content in web results (where available)
  • Simple usage based pricing based on type of query
  • Revenue sharing if developers qualify for Yahoo Search Advertising
  • Multiple pricing options for web based results
  • Dashboard interface for customers to download usage and check billing, revenue, etc.

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