Error Codes

Response Errors

The Web service can return the following error messages:

Error Code Cause Solution
400 Bad Request The appid parameter was invalid or not specified. Register your application with Yahoo! to get an appid and provide the appid parameter for each request.
404 Not Found The URI has no match in the display map. Make sure that you have spelled the resource correctly and are using the supported parameters.
413 Request Entity Too Large There is currently a 50,000 byte limit for documents processed by PlaceSpotter. Documents above this length are rejected. Specify a smaller document.
415 Unsupported Media Type Document specified does not have a supported document type. Specify a valid media type. For a list of valid types, see the documentType query parameter.
999 Unable to process request at this time Your application is probably sending too many requests, too quickly. This can happen if you are batching requests. While this type of problem is usually temporary, if you continue to experience this error, we recommend that you try to wait (sleep) between requests to avoid this situation.

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