Zynga titles to launch on Yahoo!’s developer platforms

Zynga logoYahoo! and social game powerhouse Zynga (maker of hits like Farmville, Mafia Wars, and Zynga Poker) have just announced a platform-level integration with Yahoo!. In particular, Zynga will deeply integrate its apps across Yahoo!, developing code against our Application Platform (YAP), Yahoo! Query Language (YQL), and our Connect program (Sign in through Yahoo! + Yahoo! Social APIs such as Yahoo! Updates). All of this will help to optimize Yahoo!’s distribution channels in ways with which other developers can also take advantage.

As part of this initiative, Yahoo! will be developing a new suite of notification channels throughout Yahoo! and continuing to promote developers' distribution of social activities via Yahoo! Updates. Both the Social APIs and YAP will also allow them to easily tap into Yahoo! user identities (including the aggregated identities we’re enabling across our network), share to Yahoo! Updates, and automatically leverage these new notification channels. (We’ll be providing more details on these new notification channels soon — and they, like so many of our products, will be open for all.)

With these integrations, users who enjoy Zynga games will now have the ability to use their Yahoo! ID and access Zynga's top titles across Yahoo!'s many products — including Yahoo! Homepage, Yahoo! Toolbar, My Yahoo!, Yahoo! Games, Yahoo! Profiles, and Yahoo! Messenger. YDN is proud to provide the infrastructure enabling these experiences to seamlessly plug into these products.

Because of our continued efforts to expose our social plumbing, the new offering works in conjunction with our aggregation play with Facebook and Twitter: users of Zynga games (whether on Yahoo!'s or Zynga's sites) will be able to share their Updates not just to Yahoo! (the norm for the past two years), but now also to multiple networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and more. (And, just like any other public Updates pouring through the Yahoo! network, those generated by Zynga apps will be available to all developers via the Yahoo! Updates Firehose API.)

Through this announcement, Zynga will leverage the following technologies (all of which are open for anyone to begin development today):

Whether through web services, toolkits, platforms, and/or partnerships like this one, we'll keep pushing to bring relevant experiences to users onto the Yahoo! network while also allowing them to sign in with their Yahoo! ID, access their data, and publish Updates from anywhere else on the Web. Yahoo! remains committed to opening its data, services, and canvases. Zynga's announcement illustrates how intentional we are in bringing key developers to the Yahoo! platforms.