YSlow and Web Two Point Slow

It's always fun to see what people will do with the tools we release. Sometimes they use them in "interesting" ways. Or, in this case, they're used to come to an amusing conclusion. That's exactly what you'll find in Web 2 Point Slow - Slowcial Communities:

These descriptive statistical data show that successful Web 2.0 communities are pretty slow. This is not necessarily a problem of slow Web servers or Internet connections, but of the amount of data, the number of HTTP requests, too much JavaScript, Flash, images and other media, HTML structure and the time it takes for the browser to render the pages.

Here's the chart:

Luckily, we're not in that slow group. As Ramiro notes "4 sites stand out: yahoo.com and craiglist.org with a grade higher than 90..."

Excellent. :-)

I'm sure this isn't the first time someone will use YSlow to rank some of their favorite sites. Maybe some of those sites will implement of few of our Exceptional Performance Best Practices to speed things up. :-)

Have you seen any particularly surprising results from YSlow so far? Let us know.

Jeremy Zawodny
Yahoo! Developer Network