YSlow Podcast Interview and Screencast Demo

Editor's note: Unfortunately, the original video and audio files have gone missing. Please check out the YSlow 2.0 screencast from April 2009 for an introduction to the most recent release.

During the week of the YSlow release, Dan Theurer and I sat down with Steve Souders (Chief Performance Yahoo) to discuss web site performance and YSlow.

The result of that conversation (and some Camtasia learning on my part) is an audio interview and a video demo for your listening and viewing pleasure.

The 8:51 audio recording (8MB MP3) captures the background discussion, including the need for YSlow, how it came to be, performance best practices, FireBug integration, and so on.

The 8:22 video screencast is a continuation of the discussion where we run YSlow against www.yahoo.com to get an idea of how YSlow works. You can jump right in and watch the video without listening to the podcast, but you'll miss a few references from earlier in the discussion.

We also "filmed" two other demos: one using my blog (it gets a "D") and another using the YDN web site (it doesn't score well either). Look for those to appear soon.


Jeremy Zawodny
Yahoo! Developer Network