YSlow for Mobile Now Available

YSlow for Mobile screenshotyslow-mobileAt the Velocity Conference today, Yahoo! announced the launch of YSlow for Mobile, which brings YSlow’s web performance analysis to the mobile platform for the first time.

YSlow for Mobile analyzes your mobile web site performance, and suggests ways to make mobile web pages load faster – right in your mobile device. It is a bookmarklet – an unobtrusive JavaScript program stored in a browser’s bookmarks menu. This version works in browsers that support bookmarklet and JavaScript.

YSlow for Mobile preserves core YSlow functionality and UI. It also introduces a new feature, YSlow Social - the ability to share YSlow results with your Facebook and Twitter networks.

YSlow for Mobile provides page performance suggestions based on a set of rules for high performance web pages. This is a flexible set of performance best practices for Desktop browsers. Most of them continue to be valuable and applicable for Mobile performance. We will continue to update this ruleset with community research findings in the mobile domain.

In addition to YSlow for Mobile, you'll notice that the official YSlow site has been redesigned. A new section is the YSlow Scoremeter – the place to view shared YSlow results submitted by YSlow Social. You can use this page to estimate how each rule will impact overall YSlow score. The YSlow rules matrix page provides a deep dive into YSlow measurement matrix used in the tool. Information on ruleset support across browsers/platforms is also available.

To download YSlow for Mobile, go to our redesigned YSlow site.

As YSlow for Mobile is still in beta, we would love to hear your feedback. Please comment below or in our Exceptional Performance Yahoo! group. You can also connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Special thanks to:

- Marcel Duran, Frontend lead from the Yahoo! Exceptional Performance team, who led the development effort for YSlow
- Brina Lee, interaction designer from Yahoo!'s Systools team who redesigned the official YSlow site

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