YQL Query Builder and Explorer

The new Query Builder tab allows developers who are new to YQL to
explore tables and create queries easily and quickly. The Query Builder
tab also exposes the metadata of the table when you click the "Show
Table Info" link.

To expose the Query Builder tab, a YQL statement must have a table in the query and then run.

Yahoo! Query Language's Query Builderyql-qb-1

Click the Table tab you want to explore and fill in the form fields
to test your query. You can press the Enter key or the "Test"
button. If your YQL query statement has multiple tables (sub-queries),
there will be multiple table tabs to explore.

Yahoo! Query Language Query Builder detailsyql-qb-2

By pressing the "Add Key" button, you can add optional keys to your
statement. To remove optional keys, click on the "x" icon to the right.

If you have multiple keys, you can further customize your query by
selecting the "Any" or "All" dropdown.

We hope this also helps current YQL developers by speeding up creation
of simple queries and seeing what keys are available in a table.
Currently the Query Builder tab does not allow creation of queries that
need projection or sub-queries.

Technical writer Jatin Billimoria interviewed me about the Query Builder, and here's the screencast: